RNS – Why Trump, the prosperity gospel president, can’t be honest about COVID-19

„Darnise Martin, associate professor of African American Studies at Loyola Marymount University, believes Trump is missing the point. Positive thinking doesn’t mean ignoring when things go wrong.

A practitioner of New Thought, a spiritual movement that maintains that our thinking affects the world around us, Martin sees echoes of this ethic in Trump’s persistent confidence that everything is going to work out great. But Martin said he uses positive thinking more as a personal pep talk than a spiritual practice. […]

Martin said positive thinking has worked for Trump because it has opened up opportunities for him. The problem, she said, is that he has failed to take advantage of those opportunities to do good and seemingly has no plan about how to actually accomplish things.

“He doesn’t know how to manage this,” she said. “He doesn’t know how to manage greatness.””

Why Trump, the prosperity gospel president, can’t be honest about COVID-19

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