RNS – Timothy Keller: How Ravi Zacharias changed the way evangelism is done

„Voices as diverse as Lesslie Newbigin and Francis Schaeffer had been urging the parochial Western church to wake up and see how fast society was becoming post-Christian and calling the church to adapt to the new mission field. Ravi saw the same realities, but, instead of speaking to the church about what to do, Ravi led the way to doing it.

It would be a mistake to think that Ravi spoke to intellectuals using rational arguments. At bottom, Zacharias did not see “apologetics” as a series of intellectual moves. For Zacharias, it was not about winning the argument, but engaging the person. Even in today’s “cancel culture,” where disagreement typically leads to polarization and vitriol, Zacharias had a unique gift for disarming hostility with gentleness, humor and respect.”

How Ravi Zacharias changed the way evangelism is done

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