Jim Wallis: Anti-Christ Politics vs. the Politics of Jesus

„Jesus said eight different times, “Be not afraid …” Anti-Christ politics says, “Be afraid. I’m going to make you more afraid.” Jesus says that leadership is about service. Anti-Christ politics says it’s about wealth and power — it’s about winning and losing. The Bible says we are all made in the image of God, but anti-Christ politics says, “No, some people are more valuable than other people.” In Jesus politics, how we treat the “least of these” is the test of our politics. In anti-Christ politics, the “least of these” are the least important. So this isn’t about left or right, liberal or conservative, but goes deeper — this is about “What did Jesus say?” And I think to love our neighbor, the one who is different than us, is the most key question or choice for America’s future; that will most determine the soul of this nation going forward.

But what we see from the White House now is merely the latest example of what has beset us as a country from the beginning. We must face the reality that anti-Christ politics have been used and manipulated by this president ever since he descended that escalator in Trump Tower, launching his presidential campaign by labeling “murderers and rapists” those who God calls “beloved”.


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