Nationalism, racism, religious fundamentalism

Romania Evanghelica

„Three plagues, three contagions, threaten the world.
The first is the plague of nationalism.
The second is the plague of racism.
The third is the plague of religious fundamentalism.

Anyone stricken with one of these plagues is beyond reason. Every attempt at calm conversation will fail. He doesn’t want a conversation, but a declaration that you agree with him and join the cause. Otherwise you do not exist, you have no significance in his eyes, for you count only if you are a tool, an instrument. There are no people – there is only the cause.

A mind touched by such a contagion is a closed mind, one-dimensional, spinning round one subject only – its enemy. Thinking about the enemy sustain him, allows him to exist. That is why the enemy is always present, always here, always in this mind”. [R. Kapuscinski]

8 iulie 2016 –

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