CT – The Temptations of Evangelical Worship

„Everything that happens in a service is in fact worship of God, if we see worship as a great drama or dialogue in which we speak to God and God speaks to us.

Many evangelicals have gotten into the terrible theological habit of calling only the first part of our services “worship,” that first part in which we sing praises to God in three or four songs. We say things like, “Before we listen to the sermon, let’s spend some time in worship.” As if the singing is about God and the sermon is not about God. This is a confusion of the first order. As we’ll see in the essays on the Bible and on preaching, this part of the service is also supposed to be about God first and foremost. That’s why traditionally, the entire service—singing, prayer, Bible, preaching, offering, and benediction—is considered worship. It’s all about God.”


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