Today in Christian History – June 15

1982 – John Stott leads a memorial service for influential British evangelist Eric John Hewitson Nash at All Souls’ Church in London.

Eric John Hewitson Nash (22 April 1898 – 4 April 1982), popularly known by the nickname „Bash”, was an Evangelical Church of England cleric. His work of Christian evangelism and camp ministry in the top thirty public schools of the United Kingdom from 1932 onwards was highly influential in the post-war British Evangelical resurgence. Over 7,000 boys attended camp under his leadership.

Nash considered R A Torrey to be his theological mentor,[20] and valued the Keswick Convention, encouraging his leaders to attend. In line with Keswick thought, Nash spoke of „being dead to sin” (Romans 6:7) using the analogy of a dead dog in the gutter: „A touch of the foot would show if it was only sleeping: it would instantly respond where a dead dog would not.” One of Nash’s favourite books was Torrey’s Why God Used D. L. Moody.

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