CT – Social Media and the Church

„On the one hand, we should embrace technology and use it as fast, as well, as popularly, and as broadly as we possibly can. The Reformers popularized the gospel through the use of the printing press.

We must do the same with technology today. For some of us—digital natives, if you will—this seems instinctive. For others, it seems strange. We should nonetheless all of us embrace the technological revolution and use it to boast about Jesus as widely as we possibly can.

On the other hand, we should not brag about ourselves. The great danger with this ability for increased exposure of the self and our own ideas is to create a larger-than-life personage that is our attempt to dominate and become gods of the technological age, pushing our own self agenda.

To manage to promote Jesus without promoting ourselves requires wisdom. But more than that, it requires character. And character is formed by teaching. And the teaching comes from the Bible, the church, and the life of prayer in the school of Christ. Suffering. In other words, the larger and faster we promote Jesus, the deeper and greater must be our humility. If not, God help us.”


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