EF – Romans 13 – Submitting to the authority

„For many, Romans 13 has posed as an insurmountable obstacle to being able to present critical standpoints before governments, facing the decisions of public entities, participating responsibly in politics, or even starting out on the path of politics.

The reasoning is as follows: “We have been commanded to submit to rulers, because those rulers – whether good or bad, corrupt, violent, respectful of human rights, just or unjust – have been put there by God. One must submit to them because if we confront them, we resist what God has established and we bring about condemnation”.

The truth is that in some cases, when the ruler of the day abuses his power to impose injustice and capriciousness, this way of thinking grinds with us and causes us to question our conscience: should we sit idly by while we watch rulers violate fundamental democratic freedoms?”


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