What Americans Call Sin

La Rotundu

Adultery: 81%
Racism: 74%
Using „hard” drugs, such as cocaine, LSD: 65%
Not saying anything if a cashier gives you too much change: 63%
Having an abortion: 56%
Homosexual activity or sex: 52%
Not reporting some income on your tax returns: 52%
Reading or watching pornography: 50%
Gossip: 47%
Swearing: 46%
Sex before marriage: 45%
Homosexual thoughts: 44%
Sexual thoughts about someone you are not married to: 43%
Doing things as a consumer that harm the environment: 41%
Smoking marijuana: 41%
Getting drunk: 41%
Gambling: 30%
Not attending church or religious services regularly: 18%
Drinking any alcohol: 14%

Source: Ellison Research, August 2007, based on 1,007 adults through a representative online panel ad adjusted to be demographically representative of the USA Margin of error: ±3.1 percentage points.


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