Patheos – A Year of Trump’s Presidency Has Made Us More of Who We Are (and that’s not a good thing)

„Churches are just as guilty as the rest of society when it comes to the dissolution of common ground. It’s too easy for us to hide behind the safety of our walls and declare that those who don’t agree with us are ignorant and going hell anyways. We’ve lost relationship and connection with our community, so we resort to name-calling, much like we see in media and society today. When you take human interaction out of the context of actual human relationships, things quickly devolve into what you see in American society today. As the church, there’s a lesson here. Maybe we would be better served to do less talking and more loving, to have less worship services inside the walls of the church and spend more time providing services outside the walls of the church. The other side becomes a lot less sinister when you get to know them, but you have to actually have to get to know them. It’s called common ground.”

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