Patheos – Gene Veith: How Lutherans View the Reformation Differently

„Reforming the church is not the same as starting a new church. There is a difference between fixing up a house that has fallen into disrepair and tearing down the house and building a new one. For Lutherans, the “Reformation,” as the word implies, meant reforming things that had gone wrong in the church. Later Protestants threw out virtually everything from the medieval church and started new churches from scratch.

Thus, Lutheran worship took the liturgy and removed prayers to the saints, references to Purgatory, and other elements that pointed away from Christ. But most of the liturgy remained. There was nothing wrong with the creeds. Or the introit Psalm. Or liturgical set-pieces like the Gloria in Excelsis or the hymn to the “Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world.” Later Protestants threw out the entire historic liturgy, coming up with completely new approaches to worship. These Protestants typically claimed that “Luther didn’t go far enough” and that “Lutherans are too Catholic.” But the difference is between “reformation” and “demolition”.”

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