Public Orthodoxy: Post-Truth

„Post-truth affects not only states and secular societies, but also churches. Churches embrace post-truth when they entrench themselves in culture wars or identify themselves with an ideological platform. In such cases, churches adopt and reproduce narratives that express only a part of truth. They forget other parts of truth, because those parts are inconvenient.

Post-truth affects people with resentment. It rides on the capacity of human memory to forget bad things and to keep in memory good things. People in the former Communist bloc tend to forget the Kafkaesque absurdity of ideological clichés that surrounded them. They instead become nostalgic about state paternalism. People in the former capitalist bloc retain in their memories only how safe it was without Arabs or Mexicans in their neighborhood. They forget, however, their fears incurred by the clash of ideologies, which kept masses unmovable in political blocs. These selected memories of the past, in combination with inability to deal with new challenges, produce resentment.”

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