HP – Evangelical Christianity’s Unhealthy Relationship to the Bible

„Biblical inerrancy, as Biblical infallibility, is a misnomer. It requires people to live up to standards, or “laws,” set by institutions, which are universally impossible to meet. The Prosperity Gospel, for example, only works in cultures where people have access to money to pay their extravagant leaders. Additionally, it creates a religious divide driven by ideologies based on nothing more than cultural perceptions and beliefs. Our strong opinions are often reinforced by the belief that, not only are we justified, but God himself defends our view.

Over the last few decades, the Bible, from an evangelical point of view, has gained equal footing with God Himself. The strict interpretation, and unwillingness to think differently, has wrapped God tightly in a box, united Christianity with Republican politics, and cordoned off a large segment of the population as enemies of God. Should these religiously divisive dogmas persist, it’s not unthinkable to find ourselves in another dark age where one religion rules and dissenting views equal blasphemy.”


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