Patheos – Worship and Devotion in Daily Life

„In the Baptist tradition, both worship and devotion in daily life reflect characteristic Baptist emphases, the two most prominent being the fundamental importance of the Bible and the significance of the individual Christian’s direct, immediate relationship with God.

With respect to corporate worship, Baptist churches are among those traditions that are often referred to as „non-liturgical.” This can be misleading because, strictly speaking, all Christian churches and traditions–however formal or informal, however „scripted” or „free-flowing,” however historical and traditional or contemporary and innovative–follow a liturgy or liturgies. That is, they conduct their corporate worship in accord with central and characteristic beliefs and commitments. This is true in the Baptist tradition. Within the tradition, because of the autonomy of each local congregation, there is no standard order of service or liturgy that is prescribed by a higher or overarching ecclesiastical authority. Thus, each Baptist congregation is free to formulate corporate worship as it chooses. There are, nonetheless, elements and characteristics of corporate worship that are fairly common among Baptist churches.”

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