RNS – How Trump is reshaping American civil religion and what we can do about it

„At its most inclusive, American civil religion includes capacious beliefs in core American values (life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, justice for all); behaviors associated with national rites and rituals (Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving) as well as more quotidian practices (protests, public free speech, petitions for the redress of grievances, free religious expression); and experiences of belonging (citizenship by right of birth or naturalization).”

„In the early part of his administration, Trump promoted certain beliefs, behaviors, and communities of belonging in an attempt to “reestablish” a so-called golden age when it was easier to define who was and was not American.

While his attempts to create in-groups and out-groups have reflected the particular way in which he tried to appeal to voters during his presidential candidacy, he follows a long-standing American tradition of imagining and sustaining an American civil religion based on beliefs, behavior and belonging.”


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