RNS – Pastors and political choice

„The Times published a tantalizing party-choice graph which probably surprised few who keep up with the subject, but confirmed what many had casually surmised. Note: some have criticized the released paper for not being peer reviewed; others have critiqued certain aspects of the authors’ methodology. But, here goes, a bit cautiously…

The graph illustrated what percentage of clergy in specific denominations and other religious groups are manifestly associated with one of two specific parties. Firmly in line with the Democratic Party are leaders of Reform Judaism, the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Unitarian Universalism, and Conservative Judaism. Next come the “mainline Protestant” clergy—from the United Church of Christ, Episcopalianism, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterianism, the American Baptist Churches, Methodism, etc. Roman Catholic clergy are approximately evenly divided between the Democratic and Republican Parties. Least aligned with the Democrats are four groups: the Evangelical Free Church of America, Fundamentalist Baptists, and the Missouri and Wisconsin Synod Lutherans. Meanwhile, the most strongly Republican clergy are among the Brethren, the Evangelical Church, Independent Baptists, and the Churches of God General Conference.”


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