A Christmas Meditation: The Resurrection of the Son of God at Christmas

Romania Evanghelica

„Christmas reminds us that Jesus is simultaneously the most unifying and divisive person in human history. He disturbs the proud and haughty, yet embraces the humble and repentant. Jesus appeals to our better natures while redeeming our wrecked humanity. He truly is the Savior of the broken and the bound. His life was impeccable, his words are timeless, his ethic was sermonic, and his purposes were always redemptive.

The resurrection of Jesus from a premature cultural death happens every time we become consumed with consumerism and yet think, at the same time, „Isn’t this whole season supposed to be about something else besides buying and selling?” Jesus is raised from the dead at Christmas when we sing carols lauding his attributes, consoling and warming our lonely, sin-sick souls. Jesus rises from the dead every time we gather with family and friends, imagining the travails of that „first, holy family” who…

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