The Center for Public Justice – After the Elections: A Vision for Re-Constructive Politics

„The Trump victory is loaded with ironies. Many a fellow Christian pushed past the advice of pastors and friends to vote for Trump, his numbers among evangelicals resembling those enjoyed by Romney and Bush before him. Arthur Brooks credits the morally ambiguous Trump with restoring dignity to the white working class, even as his appeals were fueled by xenophobia and misogyny. Perhaps a partial explanation is found in Salena Zito’s observation that “the press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

As the new administration takes shape and sets policy direction, the divisions in American society and the collapse of the institutional framework that prevents so many from enjoying basic social health and ordinary prospects for economic advancement loom as large as ever. A biblical vision of the nature and purpose of politics offers us a robust set of resources—fruits of the Spirit even—for tackling the problems and pathologies of our diverse but divided culture.”

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